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Transmission warnings

Important transmission warning signs

There are several signals your car will give you to let you know your transmission may need work. Unfortunately, transmission repairs can get expensive quickly if you don't look into them, so if you notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle to Ability Transmission right away. We have the most technologically advanced scanner in the industry, and you'll get a warranty for any service we offer. Give us a call today for more information.

5 signs you need transmission repair

  • Your check engine light is on — this visual warning is a great reason to get your drivetrain checked by our transmission repair professionals. This light can even communicate issues related to vibrations so slight you can't feel them!


  • Your car shakes or grinds when you change gears — this is an obvious sign that your transmission isn't working at peak performance, whether you have a worn transmission or a low transmission fluid level. If your car makes more noise than usual while in neutral, or you lose the ability to use one or more gears, bring your vehicle in right away!


  • Transmission fluid is a different color or smells wrong — if you drive an automatic car, your fluid should be bright red, translucent, and have a sweet smell. Manual transmission vehicles may have a different color, but should still be translucent. If your fluid isn't translucent or smells like it's burning, it's clear you have a transmission issue and should bring your vehicle in to us.


  • You're leaking fluid  if you see transmission fluid under your car, it could mean a major transmission issue either exists now or will shortly. You should also periodically check your fluid level, as it should remain unchanged.


  • You notice a burning smell — if your transmission is overheating, you may notice a burning smell. This could be due to worn parts, dirty transmission fluid, or low fluid due to leaks. Bring your car to us to make sure it's being lubricated properly and to avoid expensive transmission repairs in the future!

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