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The transmission fluid in your vehicle lubricates all the moving parts in the transmission. The fluid can also be used to transmit energy, or to cool your gear box. Read more for information about how important it is to keep up with your transmission fluid changes.

Facts about changing your transmission fluid

  • Automakers have claimed that you don't need to change your transmission fluid. However, it's crucial to replace the lubricant, so your gearbox doesn't fail. Avoid thousands of dollars of repair bills that you could have avoided!


  • Automatic transmissions don't need their fluid changed as often as manual units. Because there is a wide variety of recommended miles, consult a trusted maintenance expert for the most accurate recommendation for your vehicle.


  • If you have a manual gearbox, you may need to replace your lubricant on a biennial or yearly basis. Most automakers recommend a replacement around 30,000 miles.


  • The driving conditions in south-eastern Texas require more frequent changes. Consider replacing your fluid every year if you get stuck in Houston traffic jams or drive in hot weather. If you pull heavy trailers, you should also replace your fluid yearly.


  • Time for an oil change? Consider asking your mechanic to check your transmission fluid! If it's very dark, contains debris, or smells burned, it's time to replace the fluid.


  • Remember — the process for changing transmission fluid is different for every type of vehicle. If your mechanic offers to flush your gearbox before replacing the lubricant, check your manual to make sure that's safe! Your vehicle may also need a new filter if it has automatic shifting.


  • Avoid serious problems with your car by using reputable mechanics with up-to-date maintenance knowledge. Manual, automatic, and variable gearboxes need different lubricants — someone adding the wrong liquid can potentially void your transmission's warranty and cause it to fail prematurely.

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