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Helpful answers to common transmission questions

The technicians at Ability Transmission are very experienced and knowledgeable. Our staff goes through training twice a year, to be certain that we are staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. With us, you’ll get tech support assistance for updates to any modern vehicle transmission. Check through our FAQ for answers to common questions, or give us a call for more information.

Do all transmission repairs cost $1,075?

Over 90% of our customers qualify for the $1,075 transmission repair offer. However, foreign and exotic cars, along with CVT transmissions and diesel vehicles, usually cost more due to the replacement parts.


Nissan, Jaguar, and all German vehicles are exempt from the $1,075 offer. For an accurate quote,

please call 713-455-5445.

Our Houston location has been serving the area for 20 years.

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The $1,075 transmission repair covers all hard parts and labor unless the torque converter, valve body, or any electrical components need to be replaced, which is rare.


As soon as we get your vehicle into the shop, we'll do diagnostic testing to confirm that there aren't any electrical issues or components that need to be replaced.


Towing your vehicle into the shop, as well as all diagnostic testing, is absolutely FREE of charge.

What does the $1,075 transmission rebuild cover?

How do I know if my transmission repair will cost $1,075?

The $1,075 offer is valid for over 90% of our customers. However, we encourage you to speak with a transmission specialist so we can properly assess the problem and give you an exact quote. Please call 713-455-5445 today.

There are several different symptoms of a transmission problem. Some of them include:

How do I know if I have a transmission problem?

What color is transmission fluid?

Your transmission fluid should be a bright red-colored oil. If it isn't bright red, that's usually a sign that you have a transmission problem.

I'm leaking transmission fluid. If I put more in, will it be okay to drive?

No, not really. A transmission is supposed to be sealed. Although fixing the source of the leak can often be a fairly inexpensive and quick fix, driving with a leaking transmission can cause major damage.

We have some of the leading technicians in the company. Come to us today!

  • Transmission is slipping

  • Hard to change gears

  • The vehicle shudders or shakes

  • Check engine light comes on

  • Transmission fluid, a pinkish or reddish colored oil, is leaking

  • Noises, such as metal clashing or grinding together, is coming from the transmission

  • The vehicle does not move

If you are experiencing one of the above-mentioned symptoms, or you have reason to believe that you have a transmission problem, call 713-455-5445 to speak with a transmission expert. We'll usually be able to tell you over the phone whether it's your transmission or another problem.